Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jeena Hai to Marna Seekho : The Life and Times of George Reddy

For all those inspired by the life of Geroge Reddy and wanted to know more - here it is!

Jeena Hai to Marna Seekho : The Life and Times of George Reddy
By Gita Ramaswamy 
Hyderabad Book Trust
154 pages, Rs. 100 (English)
112 pages, Rs. 60 (Telugu - by Kathyayini)

The book is based on interviews conducted with 47 people, both friends and relatives of George. It also has some rare information - poems and ghazals written by George, a sketch by him, a pamphlet written by him, etc.

George Reddy died very young – he was barely twenty-five years old. Only three years of his short life were in the public gaze. And yet, he inspired entire generations of students and young people. What unknown wellsprings brought forth that first flush of radicalism, the dedication, the clarity of purpose, the commitment to struggle against odds, the courage to turn back on a promising career and tread a difficult path? What significance does it hold for the students and youth of today? This, a short biography of George attempts to address these questions.

"Our society has become rotten. And this rottenness has spread into every facet of our lives including into our universities. Today, we have no other course left to us open now. We have raised our voices in protest. Our protest has remained unheard. We have marched in processions. Our processions have been broken up by police. We have erupted in violence. And our violence has been met with a greater violence. Today what is left to us but to organize ourselves and meet violence with violence?" - George Reddy (Speaking in the documentary, Crisis on the Campus, 1971, Fali Billimoria)

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I support Immigration Reforms

It has been over 5 years I came to the USA for my higher education. Today, I can't visit my family whenever I want, I can't switch jobs easily, starting a business or getting a housing loan is hard for me. Passing Immigration Reforms will solve such problems for many other immigrants like me.

Avinash Conda - Immigration Reforms
Avinash Conda

Monday, April 23, 2012

George Reddy in a Documentary Crisis on the Campus

Rare footage of George Reddy (the founder of PDSU) in a Documentary Crisis on the Campus

This part of the footage has been screened at the 40th death anniversary of George Reddy held on the 14th April 2012.

Transcription -
Our Society has become rotten. And this rottenness has spread into every facet of our lives including into our universities.
Today we have no other course left to us open now.
We have raised our voices in protest. Our protest has remained unheard.
We have marched in procession. Our processions have been broken up by the police.
We have erupted in spontaneous violence. And our violence has been met with a greater violence.
Today what is left to us but to organize ourselves and meet violence with violence. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dr. Abdul Kalam visits Eastern Kentucky University - Avinash Conda

Dr. Abdul Kalam who became to be known as the “People’s President” when he led India from 2002 to 2007, is also recognized as one of India’s leading scientists, also earned the moniker “The Missile Man of India.”, spoke on “The Future of Energy: Energy Independence and the Importance of Alternative Energy” when he visited Eastern Kentucky University. The students were given a chance to interact with him after his presentation. I was lucky enough to be the last student who got a chance to ask a question. 

Later we had an informal gathering where Dr. Kalam interacted with students. Although this was not the first time I met Dr. Kalam, it was truly a wonderful experience and inspiring as always. I am very grateful to Dr. Doug Whitlock, President, Eastern Kentucky University for giving me a chance to take part in this event and introducing me to Dr. Kalam.  I should also thank Ms. Beth Blanchard, Co-ordinator, International Education, for helping me and encouraging me to ask questions and interact with Dr. Kalam.

Dr. Kalam is the third head of state or government to visit Eastern Kentucky University. As per EKU "Former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson visited the campus in 1979 and a former president of the Philippines visited before him".

"Kalam’s visit was a source of great pride for members of the local Indian community, which turned out to welcome him" - The Richmond Register

Now 80, Kalam has received honorary doctoral degrees from 36 universities and institutions worldwide. The only surviving former president of India, he is often considered among the nation’s greatest presidents; in fact, in a poll conducted by news channel CNN-IBN, he was selected as India’s Best President.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Picture of George Reddy

Finally got the picture of Mr. George Reddy. (Thanks to Mahesh Chowdary for finding the picture)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Forgotten Leader - George Reddy

Osmania University, Hyderabad, the place which gave birth to many revolutionary leaders and many revolutionary moments, continues to stand aloof amidst huge political crises, para-military forces deployed and continual surveillance of the state intelligence department. Let it be the Jai Telangana moment in 1969, 2009, Ramiza Bee incident, Naxal - Government talks and any other notable moment in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Osmania university has been a hub for political and student activities.

It may be the soil or the air which sets students to believe strong ideologies and turn them into leaders. Today, when we take a look at the past, most leaders who contributed to the society from the Telangana region are the products of OU which includes Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao who served as the Prime Minister of India and many other parliamentarians, legislatures, socialists, scientists, technologists, artists, journalists, etc.

But there are numerous students leaders who went into the old news paper racks of libraries and are hardly known to people today.
My father, Mr. Conda Venkatramana, an engineer from Osmania University, a former member of PDSU and a left sympathizer has always been my role model for the role he played in his student days and for his ideologies.  I was always very fascinated by the ideologies of the left and always discussed with my father about the leaders who stood as inspirations, following those principles.
1. Mr. George Reddy - was a student leader, an inspiration for many engineers in the early 70's.  He was the founder of revolutionary students moment - Progressive Democratic Students Union which was a student body on the campus of Osmania University. George Reddy was a university gold medalist, a mark of academic excellence. "He possessed extraordinary intelligence and answering his question in the class was always a challenge for his professors" says my father who was a staunch follower of him.  He was highly respected by his fellow students not only for his academic excellence, but for his social sense and his fight against the politically powered devils and bureaucrats. He was a PhD student and OU and worked part time at the AV College of arts as a lecturer. His charm, intellect, ideologies got him a lot of fame and fan following not only among his fellow students but also in the city of Hyderabad.  Very brave, straight forward and possessing a typical angry young man look, George Reddy never cared for threats from student bodies opposing him, politicians who were pissed off by his following on campus and by goons who thought he was a threat to their business.  He was a one man army and a man of action.  Right from the examination dates every other aspect on campus was done in consultation with him.  "PDSU remained the most powerful student body on campus and in many parts of Andhra Pradesh in the George Reddy era" says my father, who then took a very active part in the organization.  George was sure to win the assembly elections but to everyones shock, he was brutally murdered by Jan Shang activist on campus in the early 70's within the sight of the police.  Being strong and physically fit none dared to attack him directly.  Facing such a huge figure on campus was not an easy task, it would be something next to impossible for a group of students to kill him and get away with it. There was for sure a huge political force which planned and executed this murder with the help of a very huge mod in broad day light.
"He was our leader, he inspired us to fight against unjust and  stand against all odds" says my father and remembers his words "Jeena Hai tho marna seeko, Khadam khadam par ladna seeko (Learn to die if you wish to live, learn to fight at every step)". How inspiring were his words.
My dad says that this is what led him to fight for justice in incidents such as Ramiza Bee and many others.
My dad was arrested in March, 1978 along with many other student leaders and legislatures like Mr. Amanulla Khan during the incident where Ramiza Bee, a poor muslim lady from Karnool district who was taken to the police station and raped by an inspector and two constables. Her husband was beaten brutally. There was  a communal riot as the inspector who raped was a hindu. My father was also detained and beaten by the police for protesting against them at the Osmania Engineering college. My father says "Geroge Reddy was my inspiration and he awakened the leader in me".
Mr. Koora Rajanna Alias Anandji, the founder secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Janashakti (an organization which is the second most dominant group after CPI-Maoist and settled on a strategy of guerrilla warfare) one of the top Naxal leaders in the country who is also an engineer from Osmania University says that Geroge Reddy was his leader and inspiration and it was George who introduced him to PDSU.  Koora Rajanna is a mere example, many other leaders like Jampala Chandra Sekhar Prasad (who was a student leader, an active member of PDSU, who was killed in a police encounter) were staunch followers of George Reddy who continued to carry his ideologies even after his death, in pursuit of his dreams. 
George strongly believed in fighting to free India from the hands of imperialism and feudalism. He fought against commercialization, privatization and communalization of education. Even though he belonging to a forward caste, believed in reservation for weaker sections as a democratic demand. Struggle agains gender oppression and exploitation of women were also a part of his agenda.
Today Progressive Democratic Students Union is the student wing of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) New Democracy. Even after almost 40 years of its establishment, PDSU plays an active role not only in the campus of Osmania University but also in many parts of Andhra Pradesh, with its aims and objectives being the ideologies and principles which George Reddy fought for. 
All my efforts to find a picture of George were not successful. But for the people who wish to see him, I recommend you to watch the movie Yuva,  directed by Mani Ratnam. George Reddy is the inspiration for the lead character Michael in the movie.  
A leader, a true inspiration - the Forgotten Leader - George Reddy.