Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Picture of George Reddy

Finally got the picture of Mr. George Reddy. (Thanks to Mahesh Chowdary for finding the picture)


  1. Thats cool...Finally people will know the face of this great person...!!!

  2. Hey,
    this is not George Reddy but another revolutionary
    Che Guevara,who had major role in cuban revolution. Probably George was inspired from him.


  3. Ajayg - the one on the left of Che is George...

  4. George Reddy, an inspiration to our generation.
    good work and thank you so much

  5. I think we can get photo from Osmania University. If you know any one in Osmania University, please try to get the photograph.

  6. dude this blog totally interesting i am not belong to andhra but G.reddy truly inspiring our generation cause of after watching Tamil [ஆய்த எழுத்து] & Hindi [yuva] movie based on G reddy i realize G .reddy was Indian Student inspiration

  7. hey... dude.. this is awesome.. seriously..i just love the whole blog..
    i just need a help from you.. i need the exact photo of george reddy..
    i would blow up his photo and frame it up.. and look at his photo every morning :)
    pls send the line if u do have

  8. incredible brother !! wish india has an other george reddy but this time as the PM of the nation but not as the one to be killed !! RIP george sir

  9. The Revolt Spring Heralds in Osmania University..!!!

    There are blows in life, so powerful . . . I don’t know!
    Blows as from the hatred of God; as if, facing them,
    the undertow of everything suffered
    welled up in the soul . . . I don’t know!

    They are few; but they are . . . They open dark trenches
    in the fiercest face and in the strongest back.
    Perhaps they are the colts of barbaric Attilas;
    or the black heralds sent to us by Death.

    They are the deep falls of the Christs of the soul,
    of some adored faith blasphemed by Destiny.
    Those bloodstained blows are the crackling of
    bread burning up at the oven door.

    And man . . . Poor . . . poor! He turns his eyes, as
    when a slap on the shoulder summons us;
    turns his crazed eyes, and everything lived
    wells up, like a pool of guilt, in his look.

    There are blows in life, so powerful . . . I don’t know! I don't know...!

    ( in memory of a true Revolutionary comred George Reddy..)
    ```` Moin
    Research Scholar (Ph.D.)

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMrC5ijt5ek